What We’ve Been Reading This Week [Weekly Roundup]

We weren’t surprised by the pop star that topped this 100 most creative people in business 2010 list. [via Fast Company]

We learned how to stop oversharing and avoid being a dork on Twitter.

Want to hire an app developer? TheyMakeApps is a great place to start. We found our friends Mindgrub Technologies on there.

We’re geeking out over Google’s upcoming Chrome operating system. It supposedly will offer remote desktop through a web browser, meaning access to heavy duty applications for things like video editing or photoshop work on our home computer through a browser on a lightweight portable netbook.

A lot of headaches with printers will go away if this HP “ePrint” ability to email documents to a printer works.

Could your small business use a makeover? Check out this list of competitions. [via SmallBusinessTrends]

Here’s a great primer on using Google Apps for your business. [via Inc.]

We’ve got some fresh new iPad backgrounds thanks to this collection of 35 high definition iPad Wallpapers. [via DevSnippets]