Android’s Newest version: Froyo 2.2

Android users can have very different mobile experiences depending on their platform version. Many people haven’t been able to use Android 2.2 (also known as Froyo), since some Android devices don’t support it, or the company that makes their handset doesn’t offer it yet. If you think it’s not important to have the latest and greatest, or that what you have works fine for you, check out this list of new features included with the Froyo upgrade and see if this is the type of thing that you might be interested in.

First, the Bluetooth voice dialing feature.  It’s straightforward- just press the button on your Bluetooth earpiece and say the name that you want to call. Reports indicate that Froyo’s Bluetooth dialing has more consistent recognition accuracy than a similar feature on the iPhone.

The cloud-to-device messaging allows you to send applications, video, messages and other files directly to other Android phones. Look for this capability in your business apps, allowing quick sharing of info, in the very near future.

Flash is still not installed by default, but you can go to the Android Market and install Flash from there. Once installed, Flash content performs well in the default browser.

If you’re like me, your phone doesn’t have enough space for all of the applications that you want. Android 2.2 solves this problem by allowing you to install applications directly onto a SD card, which is upgradable and often swappable. Note: not all applications are compatible with these install options, but newer apps increasingly implement this capability.

The search bar has also been given an upgrade. With Froyo, there is now a drop-down that allows you to search from a customized list of dynamic sources.  Once configured, you can search for content on Google, in your tweets, in your email or calendar, or practically anywhere else on your phone from one single search box.

“Update All”  is a new feature that allows you to update all applications (if there is an update available) at once.  This is similar to the popular updating functionality of the iPhone.

Finally, Wi-Fi tethering is built into 2.2. –  making your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Not all carriers allow this feature, but it is super cool to be able to have your own network in your pocket in a pinch.

There are also some other updates in this release, including updated camera features and an updated Gmail app.  For a full rundown, check out the press release from Android at their developer site .