Word on the Street: AT&T to get a 3G BlackBerry PlayBook

The much anticipated tablet device by BlackBerry is starting to see the light of day as it now has an unofficial launch date of “sometime before the end of the first quarter in 2011”. That device will be WiFi only, followed by a WiMax (4G) version of the device sometime this summer.

According to CIO.com, a source has obtained a document stating that the WiFi version is still on track to be released before the end of March this year. Additionally a 3G version of the BB PlayBook will be released late March/early April.

Of course all of the is rumor and neither RIM or AT&T has confirmed anything. But maybe (just maybe) the BlackBerry faithful can take a page out of the Verizon iPhone faithful who literally spoke (or blogged) the magical device into existence, and produce enough fanfare to coax RIM and AT&T into releasing the BB PlayBook on the AT&T network.

What do you think? Is there enough demand to bring about a AT&T 3G BlackBerry Playbook, or would it make more sense to just wait (just a little longer) for a 4G version?