Tumblita for iPad

The iPad’s MobileSafari is a big pretty browser which allows users to use the full version of most websites as opposed to a mobile version or a separate application.  Facebook notably did not make a special app for iPad stating that the browser was powerful enough to support a full Facebook experience. However, iOS’ limitations often cripple the iPad’s browser, especially when it comes to uploading media. Often great sites are slow to produce an app, leaving unreliable 3rd parties to fill the hole. Tumblr is one of these sites that has left iPad users in limbo, sure there is an app designed for iPhone, but it just does not do justice to the 10 inch tablet. In steps Tumblita to bring sexy back to your iPad Tumblr experience.

Tumblr, for the uninitiated, is Twitter for blogs, it was even created by the same folks that created Twitter.  Tumblr is without a doubt my favorite and most used social networking service.  Tumblr is a very powerful social networking tool that is perfect for startups. It is by far the most social of the blogging platforms because of it’s unique feature of letting you reblog others posts. Tumblita lets you view your Tumblr dashboard in a ‘river of information’ style interface seen in many mail applications and RSS readers. There is a large view of a single post which is dynamic, and a static list of other posts, positioned to the side  in landscape mode, and as a pop out list in portrait mode. Tumblita also supports posting new media to your blog, the main feature that was missing when using the mobile browser. You can also easily schedule posts for the future, add tags, and more.  There are still more features that regular Tumblr users would like to see, like asking questions and replying to posts, but Tumblita is still the best Tumblr experience on iPad to date.  With some work this application could be truly great.