BlackBerry Protect App Secures Mobile Information

RIM has released its own official mobile device protection app (currently in beta) that can backup and restore data if your BlackBerry is damaged or you switch devices. In addition, the app can completely wipe of your data if your BlackBerry falls into the wrong hands.

Small business owners may not have concrete IT policies in place for their device(s). So it’s not uncommon that users secure their mobile data with a simple device password. Backing up and restoring user data may consist of hooking the device up to a computer on an irregular basis. With the BlackBerry Protect app, BlackBerry users can actually create sound mobile security practices to ensure their data is there when they need it and out of reach for others.

Some of the features of BlackBerry Protect include:

  • Wireless Backup and Restore of contacts, calendar, memos, tasks, browser bookmarks, and text messages based on a multitude of scheduling options.
  • Incremental backups: Backup only what has changed since last backup
  • GPS capabilities so you can locate your device on a map
  • Find your device via a Loud Alert function
  • Wipe all contents of your device online

BlackBerry Protect is a free download from BlackBerry App World. Note: BlackBerry Protect does not work in conjuction with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. So check with your organization’s IT department if you’re using a company-issued device.

And remember to always backup ALL of your data!