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Boost the Wi-Fi Signal in your Large Office or Home – Hawking Technology @ CES 2011

You can now eliminate wireless dead spots inside your home or office with Hawking Technology’s Outdoor Smart Repeater (HOW2R1). Receive any Wi-Fi signal and boost the signal five times the distance of a standard Wireless-G network. The Outdoor Smart Repeater features a heavy-duty, waterproof design so it can even be set up outside. It’s an ideal solution for an office complex, large home, marine dock and RV park. For more information on the Hawking Outdoor Smart Repeater, visit their website.

At CES 2011, checked out Hawking Technology’s Outdoor Smart Repeater: Watch the video.

It’s Time To Consider Quick Response (QR) Bar Codes In Your Marketing (New Service From Snappd)

You’ve seen them in fancy magazines, on bill boards in Times Square, Las Vegas and Austin, your geek friends have shown them off – but you’ve never thought they were for you.

I’m talking about QR Codes – the bar codes smartphones can read with software and when scanned a program is activated, web site pops up, SMS message is sent or some other action takes place.

I bet all of your customers are not using QR codes, nor even most of them. However, QR codes are easy to set up, make you look hip and can increase your marketing to the often younger “smartphone app” crowd. Read the rest of this article on