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Travel Is A Pain, But Technology Can Make It Easier

Over the course of 12 months I travel about 12 or more times a year. This a lot LESS than some of you might travel and a lot more than some of you.

One thing I’ve found is that although I have to stand in long security lines, remove my belt, show my dingy looking socks to the public and endure cramped seats in an airplane, my tech bag makes travel easier. With my smartphone I can check in (no paper necessary) and with my MiFi (portable hotspot) I’m online when others are trying to find a free WiFi hotspot.

There’s more. Tripit’s a popular service which enables travelers to forward their itinerary to an email address and have the flight information easily organized for you.

Solving the Small Business Mobile Dilemma

According to the latest Small Business Success Index sponsored by Network  Solutions and the University of Maryland ( released March 2011), most small business owners are aware of various mobile marketing activities, the best known including:  sending text messages to customers about a promo (73 percent) and listing the company on a location-based website (68 percent).  Most owners are aware of other applications, including creating their own mobile website, placing ads on mobile websites, and creating their own apps for their business.  While awareness of mobile marketing activities is high, usage is low. See this episode on the MSN’s Business on the main where my colleague Navin Ganeshan joined in the discussion on Small Business Mobile technology.