The Viddy App for iPhone is like Instagram for Video

In business, it’s vital to connect with your target demographic.  Mobile technology can really help with this effort, as it offers many different platforms on which to reach potential customers or community members.  For example, Instagram has quickly become a popular way to interact visually with early adopters and younger cursomers.  Instagram is great, but it’s limited to still images.  If you’d like the same capability for videos, check out Viddy in the iTunes App Store, the free social networking video camera.

The Viddy App for iOS devices is pretty nifty.  Basically, it adds visual effects to video and allows the user to share it.  When Viddy starts, the default view is a feed of videos that have been shared by your group of connections. The interface is familiar – it’s a near-clone clone of Instagram.  The user has the ability to like, comment, and tag videos as they come through the feed.

I’m a ‘sharing’ kind of guy, so I immediately went to ‘Share’.  Offered the choice of using an existing video or shooting a new one, I chose to shoot a new one.  I did notice a limitation here: only 15 seconds of video can be shared at one time.  Then, I was taken to the effects adding screen (pictured right), where I add various visual effects, and adjusted the level of the sound captured.  Next, you’re invited to add metadata like title, location, and tags.  Finally, you’re given the opportunity to share across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, and Tumblr.

Recently, the small business where I work paid a famous market research firm to test new language for an upcoming PR campaign.  I was shocked to see how words with very similar meanings were sometimes judged harshly by listeners based on their own personal biases. Small tweaks in language made HUGE differences in the way our brand was viewed and our community engagement.  The same is true with the visual media that we share: it has to be rich and engaging to reach the proper market share.  So, check out Viddy if you’re looking for a new way to reach your target market in a way that really engages them at their level.