Google Announcement Today

I’m on the train headed to NYC today to blog & broadcast from a Google announcement that also involves other partners will be today at 12noon. It’s been highly speculated what it’s about (And yes I do know, but can’t share just yet). In our business many times we get the scoop on something but have to honor what’s called an embargo. It’s a way of enabling the companies to share info they are about to announce with the media but the media has to wait to speak about it til the announcement happens or some other specified time limit. This is what makes “exclusives” so special being able to get the news scoop ahead & the ok to announce it before anyone else.

Anyway, i spell all this out because as you may see online people are already talking about what’s going to be announced & there must have been a leak somewhere, probably from someone in the media who just wanted to release it first, but the bottom line is I’m holding true to the embargo which is removed at 12noon today.

So, I will bring you photos, video and some behind the scenes while there at today’s event & as soon as I can give details I will.

Stay tuned to this blog & at SmallBizGoMobile

What do you hope will be announced today?