Priceadvice tells you the value of used items

Previously we’ve discussed ways to use your smartphone to save money when shopping for your business.  Although we all know you have to spend money to make money, no one wants to spend any more than they have to.  Enter priceadvice.com, who can deliver instant values for used items.

So, what’s the benefit of priceadvice.com? Here’s an example.  I work at a growing company, and it’s a really cool place.  As a really cool office, they provide snacks for us in the kitchen area.  One of the most popular snacks is soda (my favorite is the lemon lime seltzer water).  As our company grew in size, we quickly outgrew the capacity of the office fridge and needed something larger.  Our COO hunted around the kitchen supply district near Chinatown and found a big glass-door cooler, used.  This piece of equipment was perfect for our needs, but we had no idea what it was worth.  No problem.  We just pulled out the old iPhone and went on over to priceadvice.com, put in the name of the cooler, and instantly could tell if we were getting a fair deal.  The only thing that could make this process easier would be if I could just take a picture of the item and know its value; although amazingly, sources say that this is a feature that priceadvice.com is currently working on.

The other thing priceadvice.com works for is selling.  Sometimes in business, you end up with perfectly good items that no longer meet your needs.  For instance, after our recent office move we found ourselves with some great furniture that we no longer had a use for.  Again, priceadvice.com to the rescue.  We knew exactly how much to ask for these items, which in turn makes it faster and easier to sell.  People are more likely to buy your used things when the price is fair, ie, not too high to be unaffordable and not so low that it gives off scam-vibes.  So, if you’re buying or selling used items, use your phone to check the value on priceadvice.com. It could end up saving you a bundle of time and money.