Find the Time to Get Things done with Free Time app

Coming off the heels of my last Small Biz Go Mobile post about the TaskRabbit service that helps people hire on-demand help to run errands and do other tasks that you may not have time for as a small business owner, is a cool little iPhone app that helps you quickly and easily identify time in between scheduled appointments…that could possibly be used to log on to TaskRabbit to find help to do stuff you don’t have time for.

The app is rightfully called Free Time and it essentially tells you how much time you have that isn’t scheduled in any given day. So instead of opening your calendar(s), looking at all the things you have scheduled, and guestimating on open time slots; open up Free Time and it immediately tells you how many hours you have free. Once you select the calendars your iPhone you want to use, and include the times you set for sleep (if there is such a thing with running a small business),  Free Time displays a home page with how many hours free you have for the next couple of days.

Click on any day and it will give you a breakdown of what you have scheduled and with gaps where nothing is scheduled. You can even set filters that let you search for specific gaps “Find when I have dinner free for 1 hour on Tuesdays”. When you find free time, sharing your availability with others in-app is as simple as auto-formatted emails, text messages, or even by “bumping” phones.

Free Time is a free download from iTunes (iOS 4.0 and up) with an in-app upgrade that consists of unlimited emails, texts, Bumping, and no ads is $0.99. Finally, a cool app that helps you save time by finding free time in your schedule…just so you can cram it up with even more things to do…