Keep Your Mobile Devices Germ-Free with fuse

Tablets are the future.  We all know that, these things are doing everything for everyone, from construction workers to my wife, tablets can do it all.  More and more they are replacing other interfaces in our businesses and schools.  A tablet makes more sense than a textbook, and in most cases it makes more sense for a terminal where a customer interacts with an automated experience.  But is all the touching putting us at risk for sickness?  Think about all the screens that we touch in a day.  Buying gas or a subway card, going to a museum, or even just using an ATM, and this is only going to increase with tablets.  We even use them to read books and manage all of our other media.  Waiters and waitresses will start to use tablets to take your order in restaurants, governments are replacing costly paper-based workflows with tablets.  All of this is great news for the environment, great for technology, and great for tablet manufacturers—but it’s also really really gross.  People’s hands are gross.  Touching things that other people have touched is the fastest way to spread germs.


Enter fuse antibacterial screen guards.  This simple and effective product is a great execution of a great idea which answers this specific question: how do we share touch screen devices and keep them clean.  Nothing will kill office productivity like a bug that gets around, so this is a serious business product.  A complete and easy to use package, I got the antibacterial cover, a cloth to clean my device with, and a tool to make sure that there were no bubbles under the cover when I installed it.  My wife was able to install this on her iPad in about 3 minutes and it was very easy.  She is using the cover as I type this and says only good things, her screen is still perfectly clear, but now it is protected from both breakage and our friends’ babies germs.  if you or your business has shared touch screen devices these covers are a no-brainer.