The Lutron Control App Helps Your Business Take Control of the Power Bill

Last month, the power bill in my 750-square foot New York City apartment climbed to $315.  This is definitely enough money to impact my family budget.  And it made me think about my office, where we have roughly 10 times as much space to heat/cool and 30-50 times as many electronic devices (including a used drink fridge for our beer and soda).  That’s a one heck of a power drain.  Savvy electricity conservation isn’t just good for the environment- it’s good for your businesses’ bottom line.

Lutron offers a complete suite of solutions to help focus on energy savings for your business.  Since lighting accounts for a significant part of a workplace’s energy costs, many of the solutions focus on the lights.  Dimmers are a classic solution to this problem, and Lutron offers some high-tech long-lasting varieties.  They also have solutions to switch off the lights on a room-by-room basis, to detect whether or not people are in a given room, and can even adjust the shades depending on the sun’s location in the sky.

All of this can add up to big savings for your company, but none of these concepts are new and sexy; after all, dimmer switches have been around for a long time.  So what’s the hot tech for keeping your office cool?  Check out the Lutron control app.  In fairness, that link leads to the home version of the app (which you can check out for free from the app store) but there’s also an enterprise equivalent.  The control app allows you to monitor and control energy use at your home or business, or at several remote offices, all from the convenience of your handheld.  There aren’t many products in business that can actually save you both time and money, but this appears to be the real deal.  The best part?  Many solutions like this can also qualify your business for green tax credits, along with benefits from your energy provider. Lutron can help you find the ones that are available to your company.   Servicey!