LinkedIn Apps get Refreshed, Introduces HTML5 Mobile Website

With the updated LinkedIn mobile apps for iPhone and Android, users can network with like-minded individuals faster while other mobile device users can stay in the know via the new mobile-friendly HTML5 site.

The re-designed mobile apps have broken LinkedIn down into four areas. You can access you network updates and activity; browse your profile and view recent activity; check your inbox and send new messages; and check out your groups to join the conversation and view potential connections. The layout for each area is very easy to navigate and is attractive overall – A much better improvement from the older version. Of course, you will still want to access LinkedIn via a full computer browser to get the most out of the professional networking site, but I can definitely see users wanting to use the mobile app more especially if they have a heavy presence on the site as a result of the update.

As for the mobile-friendly site, it mimics the native app in many ways as far as layout is concerned, but does lack in the functionality compared to its native app brethren. The main takeaway from the HTML5 version is the fact that many mobile browsers can now access LinkedIn. By visiting, you have access to your updates, profile, network and inbox without feeling left out if you may not have jumped in the iPhone or Android bandwagon.

*keeps fingers crossed for BlackBerry*

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it is advised that you do participate in Social Media to solidify yourself as an subject-matter expert in your field…or simply for the all the free marketing opportunities. With more and more social networking sites providing more ways to access and take advantage via mobile devices, networks like LinkedIn are making it easier to stick Social Media in your pocket and take it wherever you go.