Overwhelmed by Email? Wish you could just turn it off? There’s an app for that

If you’ve seen Mario speak recently, then you’ve probably heard him talk about AwayFind, the service that helps you put an end to checking your email every few minutes. AwayFind’s revolutionary service for Gmail and businesses who get their email through Google Apps helps you to stop checking you email every five minutes and set alerts to only let the urgent messages come through.

Basically, here’s how it works: you set rules to indicate what email is urgent, whether it’s from the boss or matches certain text for a project you’re working on. Since you won’t be checking your email anymore, those urgent messages can be delivered to you through a variety of new ways like text messages, instant messenger, or even a phone call that reads your email to you.

For businesses who have standardized on the Google Apps platform, it couldn’t be easier to deploy AwayFind. The app works as a widget inside Gmail, requiring no software to download—it natively integrates into your existing email account. Jared Goralnick, AwayFind founder and CEO, explains, “While there are tens of millions of people who are continually overwhelmed by email, most will never search for a solution on their own.  With a Google Apps Marketplace version of AwayFind, now AwayFind can be deployed by an administrator or executive companywide, with just one click.  We can reach so many more people, so much faster.”

Today, AwayFind is announcing several things. First up, the browser-free Gmail widget we’ve discussed. Second, pricing and plans for their app in Google’s marketplace. Third, instant alerts which warns users about urgent emails in seconds rather than minutes. And finally, AwayFind is celebrating today—they just completed a seed r0und of $800k, led by 500 Startups and CAP Ventures. So this isn’t some fly-by-night operation—AwayFind is here to stay.

The company claims it has already helped its users safely ignore more than 46 million emails. And like any good service, it goes mobile. You can get the AwayFind mobile app for both iPhone and Android. So watch the video below and check out their website, and if you’re interested in deploying AwayFind yu can get it in Google’ App Marketplace.