Get into a Staples and Go Hands on with the latest eReaders to decide on a gift this Holiday Season

As most of you know by now, I partnered with Staples this holiday season to bring you info on the latest tech and gadgets they’re offering. This winter one of the hottest tech gifts will be eReaders and Staples will be a great place to go and get hands on with some of the latest tech. On top of the Kindle Fire which they’re carrying (and I JUST got my hands on—stay tuned for a review!) Staples is just now announcing that they’re carrying the NOOK Tablet as well!

I’ve always said this but it seems worth repeating—if you can’t decide on the latest tech, there’s only ONE way to figure it out, and that’s to go into a store and TRY IT OUT! Can’t decide between the NOOK and the Kindle Fire? Then get into a Staples and try one yourself.

I know, we’re all busy these days, so what if you can’t make it into a store? Staples is all about making things EASY so check this out—they’ve got a whole section of their website devoted to helping you choose the best eReader. It’s called the eReader Research Center and it’s a great resource. Whether you’re struggling to decide between WiFi and 3G, e-Ink vs. LCD, or just trying to figure out if what you actually want is a tablet computer, Staple’s eReader research center is the best place to look!

The best feature though has gotta be their product comparison tool:

This is the simplest way to check out all the latest eReaders from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Pandigital side-by-side and figure out which one is the right fit for you.

And hey, while I’ve got you—don’t forget to enter my $2,300 tech makeover. I’ve teamed up with Staples this holiday season to bring you absolutely all the tech you need to transform your life this winter, including a tablet, an eReader, a laptop, printer, router… I mean really EVERYTHING you’ll need to be up-to-date with the absolute latest tech.

But don’t forget—get off that computer and into a store! Staples Easytech associates are like little Mario’s running around to help you out with the latest tech gadgets. If you can’t decide which gift is right for you or a loved one, then they’re the people you need to figure it out!