Google Voice extends Free Calling Through 2012

From the Google Voice Blog:

As the holiday season approaches, we’re happy to announce that we’ve extended free domestic calls within the US and Canada for 2012…

Call it Google’s gift to all of us small businesses who depend on Google Voice as our primary number that we use to make us look “professional” when somebody calls my office phone (which is also my smartphone). If you’re not familiar, Google Voice is a service that offers free phone numbers and free calls over a data connection that can be forwarded to any phone. Additional features include, text messaging, voicemail (audible and transcribed to text), and custom greetings.

To me, Google Voice is a great disguise to give callers the perception that I have an official office phone. When people call, my GV number pops up to let me know that I have to get into “business mode”, versus fielding a call from family & friends via my mobile number provided by mobile carrier. I have the choice of letting people get right through when I answer, or they have to announce themselves and I have the option to answer or not. If I’m working at home for the day, I can forward my calls to the home line to save on my smartphone plan’s voice minutes. Finally, I don’t have to put my mobile number on my business card or online – I can use my GV number.

Google Voice recognizes that the service is a simple and economical tool for people like me – Just big enough to be considered a small business, but not big enough to need or want another dedicated line; and have extended it’s free calling throughout 2012. For that we say “Thank-you”.

Check out Google Voice and let us know what you think in the comments section.