Take Advantage of Holiday Sales and Trade-In That Aging Laptop

If you’ve already entered my #techdoutsweeps I’m doing with @Staples this holiday season, then you’re probably starting to get excited: the contest closes tomorrow morning and winners are going to be announced soon. If you haven’t entered yet, what are you waiting for? I’ve teamed up with Staples to give away a $2,300 tech makeover, so this is your last chance to enter. Just visit staples.com/techdoutsweeps and enter to win!

But if you’ve already entered, then I have one more great deal from Staples to tell you about, their laptop trade-in program. Basically, if you have a 5 year old laptop or less that powers on, has an intact screen, battery and you still have the AC adapter, then you can get a $100 Visa prepaid gift card when you buy a brand new Windows 7 laptop regularly priced at $599 or higher.

After making a qualified purchase at Staples, you just head on over to tradeupandrecycle.com to register your purchase. They send you a box in the mail to pack up that aging laptop, and you send it right back. Since you probably have tons of important data on that drive, you want to be careful so make sure to zero out the data on your hard drive first. To do that you can follow this great guide for PCs from Gizmodo or boot off your original install DVDs on your Mac, launch Disk Utility, and follow Apple’s guide for securely wiping a hard drive.

If you’ve still got a 5 year old clunker, then it really is time to upgrade, you rode the wheels off that laptop. Lots of great options are on sale this holiday season, and some picks from Staples that I like include the $699 Samsung Series 3 which is an 11” ultraportable with a real-deal Intel Core i3 processor, the $899 Acer Aspire Ultrabook, Acer’s all-aluminum response to the MacBook Air with SSD for amazingly fast start-up times, and the $1049 HP ENVY with Beats Audio, a 14.5” powerhouse of a laptop with a sleek design. Whichever one you pick you can’t go wrong!