Financial Management on the Go with Freshbooks and ReportAway! app for BlackBerry

Do or Die, I love the cloud. The reason being is that all of my gadgets can access information I store in the cloud. One of the services I use to manage client financial information is FreshBooks. I can manage clients and projects, track time spent on jobs, and create invoices and whole host of features I can’t begin to mention. More importantly, FreshBooks ties into my other financial software services (also cloud), and I can download apps that I can use to access and manage FreshBooks account information from my smartphone.

I’ll give you another little tid-bit about me – Even though I am an Apple supporter (I’m too grown to be anybody’s fanboy), I really want BlackBerry to come out on the other side of this “funk” they are in. So when I found out that ReportAway! offers BlackBerry users access to their FreshBooks account, I made sure to spread the news.

Similar to MiniBooks for FreshBooks for iOS, ReportAway! for BlackBerry smartphones allows you to create invoices and track time to your FreshBooks account.

The cool thing about FreshBooks is that once you add your client’s info (contact, address, email, etc.) you can view, create, edit, and fire off invoices right from your smartphone – No converting and/or downloading files to your device, no sending emails to yourself and then forwarding them to your clients, and no multiple versions of invoices for you to keep up with.

Additional features include the ability to track time, add expenses, and enter payments, and add mileage while you’re out and about. I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the bank depositing a check (if the check amount is too big to deposit using my iPhone and PayPal), or working with a client on-site, if I don’t record those actions immediately, I will forget to do them and will be consequently scratching my head at the end of the month when it’s time to balance the check book (figuratively speaking of course. I don’t own a physical check book, but you probably knew that).

Features inherent in ReportAway! that are not in other apps for other platforms include the ability to import BlackBerry device phone logs, calendar events, or tasks as time into FreshBooks, as well as importing BlackBerry contacts as FreshBooks clients.

There are so many more features available for both Freshbooks and ReportAway! that make the app well worth the $20.00 price tag. I’m aware that’s heavy as far as mobile app prices go, but I can personally vouch for FreshBooks, and I am pushing for BlackBerry to win over (again) hearts of your average consumer that is considering entering the smartphone market, as I think BlackBerry can be and awesome entry-level smartphone. Add that with ReportAway for FreshBooks (download now from BlackBerry AppWorld), and BlackBerry could very well be known for more than just a “beast” when it comes to sending emails.