What I saw in Vegas refuses to stay in Vegas! Top 3 tech trends I saw at CES 2012

Every January, the entire tech industry meets up for one week in Las Vegas at an event called the International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short. Virtually every major or minor player in the tech game brings all of their latest technology to show off to over 150,000 people representing the press, industry analysts, buyers, retailers, and companies. This year marked my 9th consecutive visit to CES to wander the 1.861 million square foot show floor (that’s almost 33 football fields side-by-side!), where I got to see a ton of technology, from smart televisions to even smarter cars, tens of thousands of mobile devices and accessories, headphones, wireless everything, toys, tech demos, and just tons and tons of stuff in between.

While the experience of going to CES is unquestionably overwhelming, a few clear tech trends did emerge and I’m here to bring them to you today.

1. Power Everywhere

One clear tech trend is that we’re putting a bigger strain on the batteries of our devices than ever. While battery life has been increasing in recent years, our demands from our devices is quickly outpacing even the latest in battery tech. I personally used my iPhones (that’s right, I’ve got two and it still was barely enough!) nearly 24-7 during CES filming videos for Socialcam, taking pictures and notes on hot new products, sending email and responding to texts.

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