Could a rugged smartphone help your biz? Then check out the new Samsung Rugby Smart

If you work in a dirty job where you’re constantly exposed to dirt and grime, or are a road warrior constantly traveling around, then you probably know that phones don’t like being dropped, they don’t like puddles, and they definitely don’t like dust.

But small business owners and employees who need a tough phone are often stuck with broken screens or phones that last months, not years. With two-year contracts, that means expensive phone re-buys at full price that can kill your bottom line.

Enter the Samsung Rugby Smart. Designed to military specifications, this thing is tough and works anywhere from puddles or to being buried underground. Don’t believe me? Check out this video below and see for yourself:

“Rugged” all too often is a term thrown around for products that are decidedly last-year’s tech. Not here. This is a 4G smartphone that shoots 720p HD video, has a front-facing camera, and sports a Super AMOLED touchscreen.

The Samsung Rugby Smart launches on AT&T March 4th for $99 with a 2-year commitment. Is this your next Android-powered Smartphone? Let me know—in the meantime we’ll try and get hands-on with this smartphone before it launches to give you the full scoop.