Launchrock helps your start-up make a website in minutes

As a developer, I always have a few web start-up ideas incubating.  And as the technology arm of a new venture, it’s up to me to get something put together quickly so that we can start building an audience and a name for ourselves.  At the same time, I have to balance that with quality and stability.  If you throw something up too fast, the technology (and sometimes the entire concept) may not be fully fleshed out, with embarrassing results.

Thankfully, I’ve found launchrock, a great new site that lets you toss up clean-looking ‘launching soon’ pages really quickly.  

I can’t take full credit for discovering this, actually; my business partner found it first and asked me to evaluate it for our needs.  The most striking thing about it is how fast it is. You can definitely get something cool and valuable up in minutes or hours that previously might have taken days.  The other cool thing is that it has common sense, modern product launch features that intelligently leverage social media platforms.

Launchrock is definitely straightforward. There’s a landing page that invites folks to sign up, and a page that incentivizes sharing by offering some freebies for the signup.  I was also able to customize my response email, as well as adding some serious business features like google analytics and SEO tags.  After that, you can have them host the site, or they’ll generate some javascript that you can paste onto your own page.

The website that I previewed looked great on my desktop and on my mobile.  If you’re thinking of launching a new site or app, I think that launchrock is a no-risk way of gauging the idea. And, if your idea is a good one, they’ll help you in getting it started.