TODAY: The latest in tech: What to keep and what to toss

What’s in: 

1. Ultrabooks with new Ivy Bridge processors – these are a new category of laptops. These laptops are 0.8 inches thick or less, weigh less than 4 pounds and (generally) cost less than $1,000. Plus, they’re designed to wake from sleep in just 2 seconds. But don’t buy the ones with Intels Sandy Bridge processors that’s OUT, buy an Ultrabook with the NEW Ivy Bridge processor that’s IN.  With Windows 8 coming in October some of these Ultrabooks will be touch screen.

2. Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display laptop! This is the hottest laptop out!!!! This laptop has the best screen resolution and even the harshest critics fall in love.

3. Backpacks with built-in charging. Not your average backpack, the Powerbag helps to solve a major problem we all face – battery life. You can charge 4 devices at once.

4. 7 inch tablets! This smaller tablet size category is gaining a lot of momentum & consumer interest. My 2 favorites are the Amazon Kindle Fire & the Asus Nexus 7

5. Warby Parker eyewear. Fashion has gone high tech! You go online pick the 5 frames you like and they’ll ship all 5, you try them on and choose the ones you like, they then fill your prescription and send you the glasses.

What NOT to buy: 

off brand Tablets! Buy name brand or end up with a huge doorstop

Netbooks they’re outdated, slow and you’d be better off with a tablet or ultrabook

– Pocket Camcorders! It’s not worth it, especially these days if you have a smartphone that can shoot video.