WEBINAR: The Entrepreneur’s Must Have Mobile Toolkit at 1pm Eastern Today!

Later today I’m hosting a webinar with AT&T on the topic “The Entrepreneur’s Must Have Mobile Toolkit.” It’s happening at 1pm EDT today (10am pacific), and you can sign up at the following link:


In this webinar I’ll be talking about some incredibly important technologies for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to get more done while on the go by leveraging mobile technology like smartphones, tablets and mobile apps.

I’ll be covering a few topics in depth, including cloud storage, Evernote, mobile video, and mobile payments. I’ll also be covering some great ways to save time as well as some apps to help you better connect with customers via social media.

And afterwards, there will be a Q&A session hosted by yours truly as well as AT&T on their @ATTSmallBiz Twitter account!

So don’t miss it. Here’s that sign-up link again: