Webinar w/ Mario: Top Tips for the Mobile Entrepreneur

Mario Armstrong's Webinar for Entrepreneurs Today at 1PM Eastern Mario’s hosting a webinar for entrepreneurs talking about how they can use mobile technology to improve their business. He’ll focus on how mobile is letting us get more done from more places, thanks to our phones, tablets, and more. Plus he’ll get deep on topics entrepreneurs need to know about, like cloud storage, Evernote, mobile video, and mobile payments. Plus he’ll cover some great ways to save time as well as some apps to help you better connect with customers via social media.

Click here to register AND to watch today LIVE at 1PM Eastern.

After you’ve watched, Mario will also host a Twitter Q & A session. He’ll be using the @ATTSmallBiz handle (go follow them!) or you can look for the hashtag #ATTWebinar to keep up on everything going on.