Win a ZAGGsparq Portable Battery for Your Smartphone

zaggsparq portable battery for smartphones and tabletsWhen your cell phone runs out of power, the result can be anything from just annoying to incredibly dangerous. And try as we might, it’s hard to stay charged all the time, especially when you really need to make calls. It makes sense to have a backup battery for those times, which is why we’re giving away a ZAGGsparq Portable Backup Battery for your phone.

The ZAGGsparq works as both a backup battery and a wall charger, so you only need to carry one device to stay charged. The wall charging feature recharges your phone up to 4 times faster than a standard USB charger, while the backup battery will get you 2 charges on your device. The ZAGGsparq is compatible with just about all of the major iOS and Android devices (including tablets), so odds are it will work with your device.

If you think you could use a portable battery (and we think you could!) it’s easy to enter. Use the widget below and go to our main giveaway page to leave us a comment!

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