#DreamCreateGo — I’m launching a FREE INTERACTIVE E-book for kids and need YOUR help!

ATTN: Teachers, educators, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and students!

The launch of a FREE e-book called “Dream, Create, Go!” It’s all about inspiring and exposing a ton of young students to become our future problem solvers. The FREE e-book will profile some of the most fascinating people that are using technology in their passion. The profiles will go behind the scenes and give students unprecedented access to the people they admire! We will ignite the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, designers etc… thru STEM (science, tech, engineering & math).

For the past couple of  years I have toured the country reaching thousands of students with our STEM roadshow. Now, we are building on that momentum to launch a much larger, more scalable initiative!

We know how to meet kids on their turf and in ways they appreciate, to show them how STEM directly relates to their passions.

September 2013 – for back to school!

A LOT and that’s why we need your help, this initiative has several elements:

  • The 1st FREE interactive e-book about STEM careers and opportunities (full of video, audio, text & images)
  • Companion curriculum for teachers and after school programs
  • Building an online community of of DCG (Dream, Create, Go!) Agents
  • Filming great videos to show off some of the innovative, most inspiring people and cool STEM jobs
  • Online video streaming sessions where students can speak directly to cool and innovative people
  • Develop a roadmap to help students identify their passion(s) and take practical steps towards their goals

We want to make this ALL FREE for kids to access! We don’t want a single kid paying for this type of content!

What you can do:

STUDENTS: we want you to be a a member of  the “Dream, Create, GO! student board” and help us shape the content and have a hand in the project!

PARENTS: We need YOU BIGTIME! We need you to get your kids to join our Student Board and for you to volunteer your time, share this with your teachers, PTA’s and schools.

TEACHERS: Teachers we need your help to design lesson plans and create interactive chapter review questions that will go in the ebook!

VOLUNTEERS: We NEED a ton of people interested in volunteering their time to help us organize events and assist in the promotion.

ENTREPRENEURS: We need your energy, tips and advice for content in the e-book as well as the teacher curriculum and for online Skype sessions, where students get to ask you questions about your journey and business.

SOCIAL STREET TEAM: We need a grassroots street team to help us spread the word, physically and virtually through social media by evangelizing for the project.

SPONSORS/UNDERWRITERS: We are only looking for 2-3 underwriters for the e-book that understand the importance for getting more youth into being our future problem solvers. Underwriters will have the opportunity to embed audio and video messages, photos, text and any other info you would like shared to the audience of parents and students.

Sign up to help:

Over the next year there’s a ton of work to do, and I’m only just starting to piece it all together. By signing up for the mailing list below, you can become a part of the team and be the first to know about opportunities to help this project along, as well as be able to offer feedback as it all comes together. I can’t do it by myself, so if you think you have some insight to offer or can lend a hand, join the mailing list and find a way to get involved!

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