TODAY show: Best Apps for 2013 (VIDEO)

I recently appeared on the TODAY show to show off what I think are going to be the hottest apps for 2013. Check it out:

Tripit – Free-$29/mo or $49/yr (Apple and Android)

·      Organizes your travel plans into one itinerary.  All the details of your trip are in one neat and organized place.

·      All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails from your flight, hotel, rental car, events.

·      Add things like maps, weather forecast, travel notes, photos and more.

·      Once built, you can access it from anywhere—phone, tablet, computer, etc

·      Offers different levels from Tripit Free to Tripit For Business and Tripit Pro.  The latter two have extras and you have to pay for them.

FitBit – Device is $99.95 (Apple Devices)

·      You use a device called “the One”.  You can clip it on your shirt, bra or waistband or just put it in your pocket.  It has silicone on it to keep it securely fastened.  You use a sleep writstband at night to keep it from falling off.

·      It tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed and how well you are sleeping.

·      Syncs automatically to your Mac and PC as well as iPhone 4S, 5 and iPad 3rd generation.  Soon it will be available on Android as well.

·      After you sign up for the app your data will then sync to your device and then you can have real-time access to your stats on your dashboard.

·      It will also chart your sleep patterns which can help you understand more about your body.

·      FitBit will reward you with badges for daily, weekly and even lifetime achievements.

·      You can also log your food, water, workouts, weight and much more to help you keep track of your daily routine and track your goals.

·      You can also compete or cheer on friends on  You can check your leaderboard throughout the day to see how you are doing compared to your friend or family member.

·      The device is rain and sweatproof—so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a downpour, or working out too hard.

·      You can also export your FitBit data to other apps like Lose It!, or My Fitness Pal—they let you import their data to FitBit’s dashboard so you can check your health on either app.

·      It has a rechargeable battery that lasts between 5-7 days.

Hotel Tonight – FREE – For Apple and Android Devices

·      App that helps you locate AWESOME deals on hotels at the last minute.

·      Only offers rooms for the coming night until 2am.

·      Claims to be able to save you up to 70% on hotels due to the last minute nature of the deal.  Hotels would rather book a room for cheap and at least make something, vs letting it remain empty with no money coming in for the night.

·      The app remembers your credit card information, so you don’t have to be bothered with typing in the number every time you use it.

·      It won’t guarantee a the type of room you get or what kind of bed you will be sleeping in.

·      Works in cities all over the world—great if you are in a foreign country and looking for a great deal on a room for the night as you are backpacking through.

Postal Pix – Free (Apple and Android Devices)

·      This app allows you to take all of the millions of photos that you have on your phone and immediately get them printed and mailed directly to your home!  You can also have the photos shipped to a friend or family member as a gift!

·      You have your choice of getting a variety of sizes premium luster sheen prints, as well as have them printed on to 1mm thick aluminum plates that have a scratch resistant surface (great and cool gift).  They also offer special items at different times of the year  (like holiday- photos on iPhone cases and mouse pads.)

·      The regular photos range from 21cents to $3.49

·      The Aluminum plates range from $9.99 – $24.99

·      Generally takes 5-7 business days to receive.

·      Right now you can order by credit cards, but they do not store your Credit Card number, but they are hoping to do that soon.

·      You can also order using Paypal.

·      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  If they can’t fix the order, they will give you your money back.

Groovebook – FREE (Apple and Android devices)

·      This app lets you choose up to 100 of your photos and upload them using the app to a site that will make a photo book for you.

·      You get at least one book a month as long as you subscribe.

·      The app is free, but you pay $2.99 every month for shipping and handling.

·      The first book must be 100 photos, but after that it can be anywhere between 40-100 photos.  If you don’t have that many photos that you love, you can order multiples of the same pic to share with others.

·      They are easy to share as the book is perforated for easy removal of the pics.

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