The Latest in Apps for Music Lovers (Fuse News)

We’re all about finding new music, but how do you find what your friends, neighbors, or complete strangers are listening to? And then how do you go to those shows? With apps, of course! Here are a few of my favorites.

1. SoundHound

You may already know you can identify songs you hear on the radio, in elevators, at the club, or anywhere else by holding up your phone and pressing the SoundHound button on your smartphone. But did you know you can also use the app to see what other people are listening to? Hit the button labeled “Explore the Music Map” on your SoundHound screen and check out what people are listening to in your area! Plus you can sing into the app, and it will (sometimes!) tell you what you’re listening to.

2. Sound Cloud

Independent artists looking to reach a larger audience or collaborate with . But it’s not just for musicans—listeners can find and discover new music as well with the app, and it’s also a great place just to share your mixes with the world! Like my March Madness mix I made a couple weeks ago which you can listen to by clicking here.

3. Timbre Live Music Discovery App

What bands are playing near you? Want a cool way to search out local shows and listen to music by the bands at the same time? Then you definitely gotta download this app.

4. Seat Geek

Now you’ve found cool bands that are playing local shows. What’s the best app to get tickets? Seat Geek! This totally free app searches across tons of different sites to help you find events and buy tickets no matter where you are!