Deal: Buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Tab 2 Bundle to Save

samsung galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy S4 and Tab 2 Bundle from AT&T

If you’re in the market for both a phone and a tablet, AT&T is offering a special bundle deal to help you save. When you buy the new Samsung Galaxy S4 you can also get the new Galaxy Tab 2 for only $199, $300 less than the non-contract price. Both devices require a 2 year activation agreement.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the upgraded version of the best-selling Samsung S3 phone, which really made consumers take notice of Android and was the first real competitor to the iPhone market. In fact, the S3 is the best-selling Android phone ever, and even outsold the iPhone during Q3 of 2012. So Samsung hasn’t made any huge changes with this device, just tweaks and improvements. The 5 inch screen is noticeably bigger and brighter than the S4, with intense colors and strong blacks. There are also improvements to the camera and faster and more powerful processor. If you’re a fan of the Galaxy S3, this is the smartphone for you.

The Galaxy Tab 2 is Samsung’s comparison to the S4 (think iPhone + iPad). There’s an inherent advantage in having consistency between two devices, especially if you’re interested in ease of use and efficiency, and it makes sense Samsung would like to get customers on their devices for as much of their mobile computing as possible. This 10″ tablet offers more screen real estate for almost no footprint: the device only weighs 1.3 pounds. For business use, that makes the Tab 2 a viable alternative to carrying a laptop on days where email or a presentation is the task at hand.

For more on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Tab 2 bundle deal, or to buy, check out AT&T’s website.