Can’t buy an app? How to check if the iTunes store is down

Today, I noticed that every time I tried to buy an app on my iPhone I’d get an error message saying, “Couldn’t connect to the iTunes store.” I thought that was strange, so I tried again—no dice.

My first thought was, “Oh no! Is something wrong with my iTunes account?” After checking my account details and trying a third time, my next thought was, “Is the iTunes Store down?”

Thankfully, I remembered that Apple recently built a System Status page where you can check on all of their service. It turns out that the iTunes store is currently down. Apple provides info on not just the iTunes store, but the status of things like Siri, iCloud, FaceTime, iWork, Backup, and much much more.

image showing that the apple itunes store is down

Unfortunately, they don’t go into much detail. All Apple says about today’s iTunes store outage is that “Some users are affected”

Thanks, Apple.

If you’re curious as to whether or not any of Apple’s services are down, you can check online at the following URL: