I’m the official ‘Hashtagologist™’ for #NPRBlacksinTech – Here’s how YOU can participate!

Starting on December 2nd and continuing until the 20th, African-American entrepreneurs and techies from across the country will be using the hashtag #NPRBlacksinTech on Twitter and Instagram video to share what they do throughout their days.

As the official Hashtagologist™, I’ll be watching the conversation on social media, then on December 22nd on NPR, I’ll jump on-air live to bring you highlights from the series.

‘A Day in the Life’ allows us to experience, in real time, the imprint that African-Americans are making on our country’s STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) engine. The series throws open the door to the worlds of these highly important, but largely invisible, individuals. And the engagement we’re already generating with #NPRBlacksinTech demonstrates this incredible appetite for knowledge about the lives of African-Americans who are on the cutting edge of innovation.
                  -Michel Martin, Host, Tell Me More

How YOU can get involved

But this isn’t something you should simply be paying attention to—NPR is opening up the conversation to include your questions, which the partipants will then answer on social throughout the course of “A Day in the Life”

Is there something you’ve always wondered about what it means to be black and in the tech world? You can share your questions on Twitter @TellMeMoreNPR or shoot your questions on video with Instagram using the hashtag #NPRBlacksinTech. You can also email any questions to tellmemore@npr.org.

For more information about the participants, check out everyone’s bio on NPR’s introductory blog post.

What else?

I’ll also be joining in a special LIVE “Blacks in Tech” segment to kick off the whole event, where I’ll be joined by Michel Martin and guest Johann Schleier-Smith of Tagged in Silicon Valley.
Not only will we be talking about African Americans in the fields of tech, we’ll also be discussing the week’s tech news, so I’d love it if you’re able to tune in live onWednesday November 27th at 11:40 am ET!