Checking out the Sphero 2B Robot at #CES2014 (Video)

In this video my good buddy Lance Ulanoff, the Editor in Chief of Mashable (follow him @LanceUlanoff!) shows off the new Sphero 2B, a drivable robot with interchangable parts that can do all kinds of things the original Sphero ball couldn’t. It can handle tons of different kinds of terrain, turn quickly, and even launch off ramps!

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I’ve shown off the Sphero ball you can control with your iOS or Android device previously on HLN (video) and the TODAY show, but this new robot takes it to a whole new dimension!

Just like older Sphero balls, this new Sphero 2B lets you play tons of different games, including multiplayer ones! You can learn more or reserve yours at, and they’ll be available this fall for under $100.

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