Sony 4K Camcorder Finds A Needle In The Haystack! Check Out The Quality & Find The Penny! #CES2014

With all the 4K TVs coming out of CES this year, one big question is where is the 4K content going to come from? Until your cable company goes 4K and places like Netflix start to offer 4K streams on upcoming, compatible streaming devices, a lot of the advantages 4K will bring in terms of picture quality are going to be impossible to justify for the average consumer.

Check out the video to learn about how Sony is making 4K home recording affordable in 2014.

The new $2000 Sony Handycam is looking to solve that problem now by helping people to make 4K home movies in 2014! It’s hard to quantify the difference between today’s HD and the up and coming 4K resolution, but I hope you’ll check it out in the video above which should clear things up, and maybe you can help me find a needle in a haystack, I mean penny in a pile of beans!

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