New “Paper” App Makes Facebook Even Easier to Use

Facebook today launched their brand new Paper app. At first glance, Paper doesn’t look like Facebook at all, which might be a good thing.

By rethinking how we use Facebook, the Paper app opens up brand new ways of viewing your news feed, making it the most exciting innovation from the company in a while!

screen568x568You’ve probably noticed that the more friends you have on Facebook, the harder it becomes to do what Facebook was originally designed for: share updates, interact with your friends and family, and quickly find the best content your connections are sharing.

Facebook’s new Paper app completely re-thinks your news feed, instead turning it into something that looks more like Flipboard than the endlessly scrolling list of updates you’re used to. With this more magazine-like style, it’s suddenly fun and fast to find stories and updates that excite you on Facebook again. It also makes it easier to follow restaurants, athletes, musicians, and other brands by more easily browsing just their updates.

Another really interesting feature is that Paper, at least for now, is completely ad-free, which makes the experience using the app a lot nicer.

For power users who just want to see stories in certain categories, like family, tech, or travel, can now group the stories their friends are sharing together for an easy way to just browse those specific topics. These features also turn the app into a newspaper-style app, which is curated by Facebook’s staff to bring you interesting and visually stimulating news stories you might want to share with your friends.

After you download the new Paper app, be sure to come back here and let me know what you think about Paper in the comments below!