Is Your Dream Job in Another State? Here’s How to Find Out:

Right now, software engineers are in high demand in Washington state and Massachusetts, while Nevada is in need of more bartenders. There are tons of open teaching jobs in Vermont, and if you’re willing to move to North Dakota, they need to fill just about every job there is.

These insights, and more, come from a new project called Is my job in another state? by data scientist Chris Said.

By taking job post data from Indeed.com’s database and combining it with unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Said was able to create an app that allows you to see what states have an excess of jobs in certain fields.

While moving to another state to take a new job isn’t necessarily something everyone can get excited about, in this tough economic climate we often have to make sacrifices to pursue our dream jobs or careers. If there’s an industry you’re dying to break into, it helps to know where you’re most likely to find that job, and this web app is a great way to do it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, Said’s blog post explains his methodology in detail.