Comparing the music streaming services, and my own history with music

I’m not just a DJ, I come from a family of musicians! My grandmother, Margaret Armstrong, taught piano for Baltimore City kids and eventually ran educational programs and then most famously founded the Baltimore School of the Arts. My brother Sean is a triple-threat musician! He’s a DJ, Producer, Writer & Artist. He’s the most musically talented out of all of us Armstrongs! His new album and video are bringing real hip-hop to the forefront.

A and D record labelThen you’ve got my Dad, who started a record label when I was 5 years old  with his best friend Ernie. Called “Armstrong & Donaldson” they had incredible groups like the Softones and First Class. They wanted to do for Baltimore what Motown did for Detroit (and they almost made it, too!)

They saw the world through touring and I saw the power of making music from hanging with Dad for hours every weekend at the Sheffleids music studio. Every time the band took a break, I’d run in to play the drums!

As a DJ I often echo the saying that “music is the key to happiness”. While its certainly not the only key it is one that has incredible power. Music is emotional and has the power to make you laugh, cry, jump around and get pumped—for example as I’m typing this post, I have a pair of PowerBeats earplugs on listening to my disco house mix on Soundcloud.

When I saw that produced a chart comparing all the current music services, what they cost, their unique differences, catalog size and more, the musician in me tuned in to read it but the digital lifestyle expert in me wanted to share it out. Take a look and let me know in the comments below which music service you use and why!

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