TODAY: Time and Money Saving Apps (Waze, Pushpins, POACHit)

On the TODAY show this morning, I showed Matt Lauer three apps that can save you time AND money. What could be better? Keep reading to find the apps I discussed.

matt lauer mario armstrong apps to save time and money

1. Waze

Using reports from other users as well as current traffic conditions, Waze can save you major time on your commute or even just when you’re running out on some errands!

2. Pushpins

You can save time and money with the Pushpins app (for iOS and Android)! Build and share grocery lists with family members or roommates so when someone actually hits the store they’re sure to get everything you need. That saves time, and then you can save money when the app automatically dishes out digital coupons and access to weekly specials!

3. POACHit

The average American spends 400 hours per year are spent online shopping! That’s a lot of time, and there are big potential savings here. Set up your POACHit account on their website and then the service will track the price over time and give you a trend line so you know when you’re getting a big deal! They also validate coupon codes ahead of time, so you’re not stuck endlessly entering coupons that don’t work. If you’ve ever tried another coupon code app or site, you know what a big deal this is.