Apps to help you plan your wedding! (Katie Couric)

mario armstrong weddings katie couricKatie Couric had me on her show yesterday to show off the 5 best apps to help your plan your wedding! From planning the seating arrangement, sending cards and even saving some money, I’ve got apps to help you manage it all, quickly and easily. Plus, I get to show off some of my favorite sneakers :)

Check out the segment embedded above, or keep reading to see all the apps I mentioned in the segment.

Appy Couple

Let’s face it, today you don’t just need a wedding, you need a website, an app, a way for everyone to share and enjoy photographs, reminders… the list goes on and on! But Appy Couple makes it easy to manage all these different and exciting aspects of your wedding from a single, simple interface. With both a website and an app, you pay Appy Couple one $35 fee and they make it easy for you to manage the rest!


A great website and service that mails all of your wedding stationery for you. Cards cost $2 + postage, they look like they were written by hand, and they take care of everything for you. This includes getting the mailing addresses from all of your guests, sending the Save The Dates cards to everyone, and they even take care of the thank you cards when it’s all over!

Top Table Planner

Now that you’ve got all the names, you need to seat everyone at the wedding! Top Table Planner makes this easy to do online, where you can just drag and drop guests as they RSVP onto virtual tables. You can get a free trial to test it out, and then the site is just $20 to use for 6 months, or $30 for a year of access.


Where do you go when you need a wedding dress but need to save some money? On Hukkster you can track products online, narrowing down exactly the sizes and styles of gowns you’re interested in, and then get alerts when they go on sale. To date, Hukkster has saved brides-to-be more than $560,000 on wedding gowns! But it’s not just for brides, as a wedding guest you can use this app to save some money on those gift registry items as well. On one must-have wedding registry item, the KitchenAid Mixer, Hukkster has saved guests a combined $50,000 so far!


Need wedding music? Want to compile a wedding playlist of suggestions for the DJ? Find suggestions for the first dance? All of these, and tons more, can be easily found on streaming music service Rdio. Just search through other users “Playlists” on the service (available as a website, desktop app, or on your smartphone) and you’ll have thousands of great suggestions to choose from. Beyond weddings, there are great playlists with tons of suggestions for any occasion, including Christmas music for holiday parties, songs for Bar Mitzvahs, Mardi Gras, disco parties… whatever kind of event you’re throwing, you can make (and share!) great playlists easily with Rdio.