Why I’m excited about Mailbox for Mac

It goes without saying that time management is one of the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs, which is why I’m always excited about new apps that save you time. With a limited number of hours in the day to pursue your dream career, especially if you’re still working that 9-5, even a few minutes here and there can make a big difference.

I’m excited for the upcoming release of Dropbox’s Mailbox app for Mac, which promises to make it even easier to quickly sort through your Mailbox with new features to ensure you spend even less time stuck in your inbox.

mailbox for mac preview

Coming to desktop & new features!

Currently in beta (you can sign up on their site) Mailbox is expanding to the desktop, first in the form of an upcoming app for the Mac. At the same time, they’re also introducing a new feature called “Auto-Swipe” which, as the name implies, tries to intelligently predict what to do with your mail. Atuo-swipe packs together a few features that people have been requesting, including the ability to mute conversations, unsubscribe from mailing lists, and automatically filter different kinds of messages. You can check this out in the video above starting at around the 26 minute mark.

Recent Dropbox keynote address

(Skip to around 20:30 to check out the new features in Mailbox, and see the beta desktop app in action!)

Current limitations with Mailbox

The Mailbox apps for iPhone and Android are great because they make it a breeze to go through your email while on the go. Quick and simple swiping actions in the app allow you to archive, delete, save for later, or organize messages into lists. Unfortunately, Mailbox still is not a complete email solution—right now they only support Gmail and iCloud mail accounts. But if you’re a Gmail user and have a device that’s compatible, you’ll quickly discover how easy Mailbox makes it to work your way through an endless stack of email.

While there’s no official release date on Mailbox for mac yet, and no word on when a Windows-based Mailbox app might arrive, this is exciting news for anyone looking to better manage their endless stream of email!