bSafe app can keep you safe and give you some peace of mind

Have you ever been walking to your car late at night and wondered what you would do if something happened to you right then and there? Now, an app called bSafe promises to help friends or family locate you in case on an emergency.

bsafe app how it works

This app can definite give you some peace of mind! bSafe is a new kind of location sharing app that connects you with your guardians. These are your family or friends that you choose to watch over you.

The catch? They need to download the app too! This creates a network of safety because you know everyone you’re close to now has access to the same safety tool. 

Once everyone is connected, bSafe allows you to share your location with your guardians, invite them to walk with you live via GPS so you’re not alone, or just check in to them them know that you’ve arrived somewhere safely.

If anything were to happen, press one button and the SOS alarm sets off a siren, flashlight, and sends your guardians an SMS message with a map of your location, video of what is happening, and even tries to get your primary guardian on the phone with you—all automatically!

So please check it out—this is one app that could make you and your family a LOT safer!

The bSafe app is available for iOS and Android