Tips and Tech for Indoor Summer Entertaining (Katie Couric Show)

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Summer is here, and that means it’s time to start getting social again! But when you have guests over, you want to be sure you have that extra something special at the party. Keep reading to check out my favorite indoor entertaining apps and tech.

aros smart wifi air conditioner on katie couric

Aros Air Conditioner

$300 – Available at Quirky and The Home Depot

If you don’t have central air, you know what a hassle dealing with window units can be! Nobody wants to come home from work to a sweltering house on the day they’re supposed to throw a party. So check this out: the Aros is a smart window AC that connects to your home Wi-Fi conenction. Once connected, you can control it from anywhere through the WINK app!


$199.00, works with iOS and Android

What other cool new tech can connect to your Wi-Fi? Your front door! When you’re busy entertaining, dealing with a constant stream of guests at the front door can be overwhelming. Enter Doorbot—a smart doorbell that shows you video and allows you to talk to guests at the door. It’s weatherproof, and I love that the company guarantees if it is stolen they will replace it free of charge. Plus, it integrates with Lockitron—if you have both systems, it allows you to lock and unlock your doors remotely!

karaoke anywhere app for ios android entertaining

Karaoke Anywhere App

FREE plus a $10 monthly subscription, works with iOS and Android

Liven up your party with the Karaoke Anywhere App. Run a whole Karaoke setup from your smartphone or tablet, or connect to the big screen and take it to the next level! You get 50 songs for free, but with a $10 monthly subscription you get access to their 13,000 song library. While you’d have to be a real karaoke junkie to want to subscribe forever, getting a month of the service to entertain your guests for a few hours at your next gathering could be awesome.

valslist radio indoor entertaining


FREE, listen at valslist.com, and get the app at valslistradio.com

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