Evernote Gets Serious on Image and Screenshots – Aquires Skitch

Evernote apparently agreed with its critics that they could do a better job of handling images and web screen shots.  Specifically, the ability to annotate and/or share images was what was lacking. Well they did something about it and bought Skitch, a Mac application that gives users the ability to capture, markup, draw on, and share images with ease. Read More

Skype Wifi for iOS – Tap into Commercial Wifi spots On the Cheap

You ever come across an airport or hotel Wifi hotspot but absolutely refuse to agree to the “they want me to pay what” daily access rates? I’m pretty sure we all have. But there may be times when you just can’t afford not to sign up and pay for access for just a couple of minutes, especially if it means missing an important conference call. Sure, you could just use your phone’s wireless minutes but oh, wait, you’re roaming.

The Skype Wifi app for iPhone and iPad lets you tap into over 1 million hotspots worldwide and make Skype VoIP calls using only your Skype credit. Read More

LinkedIn Apps get Refreshed, Introduces HTML5 Mobile Website

With the updated LinkedIn mobile apps for iPhone and Android, users can network with like-minded individuals faster while other mobile device users can stay in the know via the new mobile-friendly HTML5 site.

The re-designed mobile apps have broken LinkedIn down into four areas. You can access you network updates and activity; browse your profile and view recent activity; check your inbox and send new messages; and check out your groups to join the conversation and view potential connections. The layout for each area is very easy to navigate and is attractive overall – A much better improvement from the older version. Of course, you will still want to access LinkedIn via a full computer browser to get the most out of the professional networking site, but I can definitely see users wanting to use the mobile app more especially if they have a heavy presence on the site as a result of the update. Read More

14 Million Americans Using QR Codes Every Month: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

While QR (“Quick Response”) Codes have long been popular in Japan and Europe, the findings of a new study suggest that these matrix barcodes may finally be catching on in the US.  The study, conducted by comScore, tracked the QR code usage of over 14,000 Americans, and found that 6.2% of their sample scanned a QR code during the month of June; extrapolated to the total number of mobile phone users in the United States, this means that roughly 14 million Americans are scanning QR Codes every month. Read More

ToutApp for iPhone: Send Repetitive Emails on the go

The web version of ToutApp makes it simple to create templates for emails you find yourself constantly  sending. Once your templates are setup, sending your contact information, a follow up email from an event, a press release, or an business pitch via email is as simple as editing names and specific details. To complement the web service, The ToutApp for iPhone lets you access and edit the addressees and send an email via your smartphone. You’re still heavily dependent on the web version to create and edit the templates, but once you get those set up exactly the way you want, sending an email via the mobile consist of inserting the name and email address and boom! You’re good to go. Read More

The Lutron Control App Helps Your Business Take Control of the Power Bill

Last month, the power bill in my 750-square foot New York City apartment climbed to $315.  This is definitely enough money to impact my family budget.  And it made me think about my office, where we have roughly 10 times as much space to heat/cool and 30-50 times as many electronic devices (including a used drink fridge for our beer and soda).  That’s a one heck of a power drain.  Savvy electricity conservation isn’t just good for the environment- it’s good for your businesses’ bottom line. Read More

Card Scanner Pro – Fast and Accurate Business Card Scanning

Business cards are a necessary evil. I hate asking for them at events because I really don’t want to be tasked with the responsibility of doing something with them later, but I feel like a dork if I don’t ask for a card from somebody who just asked for my card. So in my quest to completely get rid of business cards, I have found the Card Scanner Pro app for iPhone that provides quick and easy business card scanning to save directly to your phone’s address book. Read More

Boomerang Gmail Plugin Goes Mobile – Schedule Outgoing Email on the Go

The cool Boomerang Gmail desktop plug-in lets Firefox/Chrome users schedule when their outgoing messages are actually sent. Additionally, you can write reminders or follow up messages to yourself via email and make sure they arrive right when you’re ready to read them (instead of getting lost in all the junk mail your receive first thing in the morning). Think of Boomerang as a Tweet scheduler…just for email. To use the service, you had to install it to your desktop browser. Now Boomerang offers a mobile option that lets you schedule your emails at anytime from anywhere. Read More

Google Docs Gets a Major Makeover – More Than 100 New Features to Help You Be More Productive On The Go!

Good News – Google Docs recently got a great new facelift, adding dozens of new features and functionality. They’re improved absolutely everything, from searching your documents, to new uploading features. Essential features I’ve been waiting for years for them to add are finally here as well, like page breaks, extra fonts, drag-and-drop image insertion and revision history. In Speadsheets, Google’s version of Microsoft’s Excel, finally adds pivot tables, which consultants and business people on the go will love using to quickly analyze their data. Overall, this is a huge upgrade for Google’s online document suite of products, which had definitely begun to show their age. For the full list of features Google is adding and to learn how to activate the latest version of Google Docs, click on through to our full coverage. Read More

WorkSnug app Adds Augmented Reality to finding Mobile Workstations

Whether you’re an “always on the go” entrepreneur, or a work-from-home small business owner who just wants to get out of the house for a while, facilities that offer free (but strong) Wifi, access to printing, a plethora of charging stations/outlets, (and some good coffee) are a mobile worker’s dream. The WorkSnug app can help you find your ideal temporary workspace, but with a touch of Augmented Reality pizazz.

If you’re not familiar with Augmented Reality, it is essentially a way to uncover virtual information attached to a physical object just by looking at that object through your smartphone’s camera or other compatible device. In WorkSnug’s case, they have compiled a database of “mobile worker friendly” locations across the globe. Read More