#neverbepowerless with the Duracell Powermat 24-hour Power System

We’ve talked with Duracell Powermat CEO Ron Rabinowitz, showed you how the system could be a lifesaver during a hurricane, and today we get to show you yet another huge commercial (this is really a week for big commercials, huh), this one featuring none other than Jay-Z himself.

Oh and by the way, like the looks of the club in the video? Jay-Z’s 40/40 isn’t just a backdrop to this commercial, it could be the backdrop to your next big party! Mario Armstrong Media and Duracell Powermat are teaming up with several Socialcam users to throw a huge party in New York City on September 12th. Be sure to save the date—we’ll be able to talk about the full details soon!

VIDEO: New Apple iPhone 4S Ad Featuring Martin Scorsese Talking to Siri

Apple’s latest television ad for everyone’s favorite iPhone 4S feature, Siri, just hit YouTube a few minutes ago. In it, Scorsese takes a cab ride in NYC where he changes his schedule on the fly, gets a live traffic report, and much like the other celebrity ads Apple has been running lately, jokes around with Siri.

While many commentators were turned off by the ads and Apple’s attempt to leverage some celebrity star power to boost awareness of Siri, reporting data from Ace Metrix shows that they’ve been doing quite well. While the shortened clips of Scorsese using Siri aren’t exactly realistic portrayals (no wait time, for one, and Siri seems to understand him perfectly every time), how can you deny the charm of the Oscar-winning Director joking around with his phone?

What do you think? Are these new Apple ads a hit or a miss? Leave a comment below and we’ll respond!

First Look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII on AT&T

Today we take a first look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII on AT&T, perhaps the year’s most anticipated Android smartphone release.

 With an amazing camera, sleek design, fast processors, solid battery life, and the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, this is the must-own Android handset of 2012. You can pre-order one today at the link att.com/galaxy-s-iii

VIDEO: Interview with Pebble watch founder Eric Migicovsky – the brain behind the $10 million Kickstarter!

I was recently lucky enough to get a few minutes to chat with Eric Migicovsky (pictured, right), the brains behind the Pebble Smart Watch the $10 million dollar Kickstarter that everyone is talking about.

Eric Migicovsky Want to know all about the features of the watch? How Eric and his team were able to pull all this off? Why it took so long for an iPhone smart watch to come to market? Eric answers these questions and more.

And stay tuned: in a second, follow-up interview, we get into the nitty gritty details of the Kickstarter process and Eric gives you his top tips for what it takes to successfully crowdfund a project!

Video: Dual Monitors On The Go With AirDisplay


Speaking from personal experience, it is true that you’re more productive with multiple monitors. Now my setup at home is pretty dope, but there are times when I’m out an about and sure could use multiple screens to get things done, sans all the window switching.

An app that lets you use multiple mobile gadgets at the same time to be more productive is AirDisplay. Simply put, you can use your mobile device (iOS or Android) as a second screen for your desktop/laptop. (Mac or PC). Read More

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Launched – Multiple Platform Mobile Device Management

BB Bold and PlayBook

The term BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can be a nightmare for your companies’ IT guy who has to ensure that sensitive information being passed around via employee-owned mobile devices stays secure. On the flip-side, allowing employees to use their own gadgets for business keeps hardware and voice/data plan costs down while keeping employee morale high as they get to use the device they want.

Now that RIM has announced plans to “focus on its strengths” (a.k.a. the enterprise), look for RIM to offer more options to aid large corporations and small businesses alike with their mobile device solutions. Case in point, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion – A mobile device management solution built on renowned BlackBerry Enterprise Server technology that allows IT departments to manage company & employee-owned BlackBerry, Android, and iOS devices under a unified web-based console.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server is one of RIM’s crown jewels, so companies interested in deploying BB Mobile Fusion can do so knowing that their data is protected under the same BES 256-bit AES encrypted technology, as well as easy over-the-air app and installation capabilities for BlackBerry devices. Read More

Box Cloud Storage for iOS adds App Compatibility Menu

Box One Cloud for iPad

Nowadays, picking a cloud storage service so your mobile devices can have access to the same documents as your desktop/laptop can very well depend on how many other mobile apps are compatible. The major cloud storage services recognize this and have made sure that the majority of the apps you already use to “get things done” play nice with their offerings.

Box just made it easier for users to discover compatible 3rd Party apps by releasing an update to their iOS apps that includes the OneCloud menu that lists and allows users to download all compatible apps. Read More

Crowdfunding is hot at this year’s South by Southwest: Here’s Why

Crowdfunding isn’t a particularly new idea—ever since it was possible to take payments over the Internet, organizations and individuals have been using their online audiences to fund myriad projects, from entertainment like movies and theatre to tech products like solar energy. But websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo provide platforms that really change the way people thought about crowdfunding projects. No longer do entrepreneurs and artists need to create their own web sites and manage their own credit-card processing. Now with an idea, a great video, and some promotion, a great idea can go from pipe dream to fully-funded reality. Read More

Box Cloud Storage Teams Up with HTC & Offers 50Gigs Free for Android Users

box 50gb free space for android I’m still riding the Dropbox train, but all the waves that the folks over at Box are making in the cloud storage space is making it real hard to argue the pros of my little 8 gigs of free space with DropBox when Box is “closing deals” like partnerships with the new HTC devices being announced as I type this at Mobile World Congress, and dishing out 50GB of free space for all Android users.

Instead of trying to create its own cloud storage service like other competitors (namely Apple’s iCloud), HTC has announced that it has teamed up with Box to offer users of its new HTC One flagship smartphone 25GB of free storage free for 2 years. This also helps out Box gain momentum to go head-to-head with the likes of Dropbox, its widely popular competitor. If Box can successfully align itself with partners like HTC (like it’s done int the past with LG and iOS) by offering “can’t beat it with a stick” storage deals, Box might just stand a chance against the Dropbox Juggernaut. Read More

You wouldn’t give a stranger the keys to your cashbox, why give them the keys to your Twitter? Choose strong passwords and change them often

So maybe you’re doing a few things right. Maybe you’re choosing long passwords, maybe you avoid using your kid’s names in your passwords, maybe you’ve never used a birthdate either! That’s great, but that’s only one piece to choosing a good password. How often do you change it? A strong password is only good until someone else gets ahold of it. And then, how do you memorize all these crazy passwords? In my latest video on HLNtv, I try and provide some easy-to-follow answers to these questions so that you can make sure you’re completely protected.