CONTEST: Win a Wireless Powermat charging station (with two receivers!)

The response to our last contest was great, so we’re doing it again!  This time, we’re giving away a Wireless Powermat charging station and 2 charging receivers: one for iPhone 3G & one for Blackberry Bold.  Did you read Terrance’s post yesterday about Portable Power for your Mobile Devices? You don’t have to feel anxious about running out of battery power – just make sure you have some kind of system in place! This contest couldn’t be easier to enter.  For a chance to win a Wireless Powermat charging solution, we just need you to do two things:

1. Like our page on Facebook by clicking on the link, making sure you’re signed into Facebook, and then clicking the ‘Like’ button on that page.

2. Share a link to this contest on Facebook.  The easiest way to do this is to use the ‘Like’ button above the picture on this page or to visit this link and hit the ‘Share’ button.

That’s it!  The names of all qualified entrants will be put into a list at noon on Sunday, April 17th and one winner will be chosen by the random number generator over at And don’t forget, if you want the latest updates on Small Business tech news, gadgets, and apps to follow us on twitter!

Portable Power for Your Moble Devices

I don’t know about you, but I break out in hives and develop a slight twitch when my mobile device’s battery indicator drops below 15%. My symptoms really get bad when I am nowhere near a power outlet and/or don’t have my laptop bag filled to brim with cables ready to power each and every device I own.

For those times when plugging in to charge a mobile device is NOT an option, portable power is the answer. The arena is relatively new, but is a must as more and more people depend on mobile devices to get them through the day. So I am going to feature three different options that will wake you up from a mobile battery drain nightmare.

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