AT&T Video Capture

We have talked about technical tools that are great for field professionals more than once.  But today I am more excited than usual to cover a great new tool from our sponsor, AT&T.  Everyone’s smart phone has a great new video camera mounted to the back, but when we want to share these videos with our friends, family, or in our case, a co-worker, we have to rely on YouTube or some video hosting service. By the time that you have uploaded it and send someone a message to look at it, the moment has passed. Well no more, to the cloud!

AT&T has announced the AT&T video capture apllication which enables businesses to stream live and pre-recorded videos from handsets in the field to co-workers in the office. The desktop gets a web-based monitoring interface, so you can watch videos in real-time from your desk, archive and organize these feeds, and communicate with users in the field about what you are seeing.  All this real time interaction greatly increasing the speed and agility of your organization. Read More

New YouSendIt Cloud Storage – Dropbox Killer?

I feel kind of dirty writing this since I am a major fan of the Dropbox cloud storage service. Nevertheless, as a “jack of ALL tech” as I feel compelled to inform our readers about the new YouSendIt cloud storage and file sharing service that’s sure to give people even more options as to where they store and share their files in the cloud. Read More

ShopSavvy and Dropbox Combine for Shopping Productivity

Small business owners stay busy—I know because I am one. I mean, juggling a personal life, a family, a 9-5 job, and managing your own business is overwhelming. So finding the time to bargain, coupon clip, comparison shop, and price match may not be in the “I really need to set aside some time to do this” bucket of things to do.

Small business owners can also benefit from using their smartphone in conjunction with mobile apps to help them save money on everyday business needs. The ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner app for iPhone and Android devices is one of those apps that can help you save time and money by finding the best deals locally and online with just a quick scan of a product’s barcode.

ShopSavvy can read UPC, EAN, and QR codes, so it can function as your all-in-one app for all your scanning needs. The cool part of the app is that it will search its database to find the lowest price locally and online from just about every major retailer. If you find a better deal locally, the app will give you directions and other details to the store where the item is available and an indication of whether or not the item is in stock. Find the item priced better online, ShopSavvy will send you to the merchant’s eCommerce site to buy directly, or save your item(s) to buy later.

Speaking of saving stuff, If you’ve ever read just about ANY of my previous articles, you should know that I am a huge Dropbox fan. Well guess what, ShopSavvy integrates with your Dropbox account so you can save your scan history and lists you’ve made in the app to your Dropbox cloud. This is handy because it syncs your data across all of the devices connected to your Dropbox account for anytime anywhere access, no matter what device you are using.

If you are able to free up some time to hit up your neighborhood office supply store for little, but important things for your business like printer ink, download the ShopSavvy app and start scanning those items to see if you can save a buck or two…And don’t forget to write off that ink as a business expense! While you’re at it, see if you can write off the $1.99 for the cost to download the ShopSavvy app that helps you save money for your business.

I may be stretching it a bit on that one!

Google’s Cloud Laptops Announced at I/O Conference

It looks as if Google is ready to let loose its Chromebooks on the masses. What’s so different about a Chromebook? The fact that the operating system, security options and programs/apps are all stored in Google’s cloud. This means that there really is nothing that will actually be saved to the device, which makes for a faster computing experience (8 seconds to boot up according to Google). The Chromebooks can connect either via WiFi or you can add a 3G option that will make the device self-reliant when it comes to a network/data connection.

At its I/O conference, Google has announced the first two Chromebook models that will go on sale at Amazon and Best Buy starting June 15th. The first is made by Samsung and it’s a 12″ model with a dual-core processor and an HD webcam that will cost around $429 for WiFi only and $499 if you opt for the built-in 3G (monthly data charges apply).

The second device is a slightly smaller and lighter Acer version that has almost the same features but with the addition of an HDMI port. The Acer model is WiFi-only and will cost $349. Google will also offer Chromebooks for Business and Education uses that add extra protection, security, and IT policy compatibility.

Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds as if Google’s Chromebooks, with their smaller and lighter frames, faster boot times, and the ability to save/share/sync ALL of your data to the cloud, might just give the uber-fashionable tablet device a run for its money…and I didn’t even mention how cheaper they are to the leading tablet device. – Securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox

You all should know by now that I am a huge Dropbox fan. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered the ever-growing list of apps and services that utilize Dropbox.

One of the apps that stuck out was the DROPitTOme online service lets you request files from anyone that will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox account. Now, if you’re going from Dropbox user to Dropbox user, file sharing is included in the basic account. But, if you need a file from somebody who has never heard of Dropbox (shame on them), the quickest way to receive a file I guess would be via email. Most people with a smartphone have access to their email accounts on the go, and most people know how to send an email.

But, if you’re dealing a user who doesn’t use Dropbox AND wants to send a huge file, that’s where DROPitTOme comes in. You can send your upload link to anyone and they can add files up to 75mb directly to your Dropbox account – Most other email clients only allow up to 10mb per email attachment. DITM will also create a separate folder that won’t mess with your current Dropbox structure.

Once you’ve registered an account and linked to Dropbox, DITM will generate a special upload link ( that’s secured with a special upload password that you assign to. Once the link and password is accepted, users can start to upload any kind of file Dropbox currently accepts. upload/transfer is crazy fast, and you will be sent an email with the uploaded file details when the transfer is complete. Files are available immediately to access via the web, connected computers or (wait for it) any smartphone or mobile device connected to your Dropbox account.

That upload link stays the same no matter who you give it to and there is no time limit/timeout period to when a user with your link/pass can upload files. That may be a good or bad thing, so you have the ability to change the upload password at any time, or toggle upload capabilities on and off.

My only gripe is there is no bulk upload option, so you will have to upload those files one at a time. But for free (or a donation), what more can you ask for from a quick and easy way to receive files that are automatically added to your Dropbox account for instant access via a smartphone?

I thought so. So visit the DROPitTOme site and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Access Stored Mozy Data on your iPhone or Android

For the record: I am Dropbox ’til I die (or until something better comes along).

Mozy: a familiar name in the cloud backup/storage game may just be that “something better” with its iPhone and Android app that gives users access to their stored data and more.

On its face, the Mozy app just appears to be a way to view files that you have backed up to your Mozy online account. But there is much more functionality that appears once you dig a little deeper. In addition to just browsing files, you can:

  • View backup history for all devices linked to Mozy Account
  • Share files via in-app email or post photos directly to Facebook Wall
  • Full resolution photo downloads to device

Similar to Dropbox, up to 2GB of Mozy storage space is free, as well as the mobile apps; but, while Dropbox is more geared towards file storage/synchronization (that you could use for backup purposes), Mozy is still a trusted name dedicated to full device backups of your computers. The Mozy app just gives you additional access to files backed up to your account.

If that’s the case, maybe you don’t have to choose either Dropbox or Mozy, use both:

  • Dropbox for complete data synchronization across all of your devices
  • Mozy for complete off-site data backup management for your laptop/desktop computer.

Visit Mozy Mobile for more information and download instructions for your device.

Frenzy for Mac Adds Social Network Layer to Dropbox

If you’ve been following Small Biz Go Mobile for awhile, then you should know that I am a strong advocate for the Dropbox cloud storage service. I can sync all my business and personal files across all of my devices and sync/share my files with other users whether they use Dropbox or not. Dropbox is pretty popular with the masses as well. Other mobile, web, and computer apps/services are starting to add Dropbox integration as well.

One such service is called Frenzy and it essentially wraps a small social network around users by giving them the ability to have a discussion about the files they share via Dropbox. Now, before I get you all excited and ready to try out Frenzy, you need a Dropbox account (get a free 2GB account here) and Frenzy is currently only available for Mac laptops and desktops…But, I would assume the developer(s) behind Frenzy would more than gladly add a mobile app and Windows support if there is a demand.

If you fit the minimum system requirements, and work with a group who shares Dropbox files, Frenzy may just bridge the gap between your Dropbox files and the gobs of text messages, IM’s, and emails you send about those files. Simply download Frenzy, select which shared Dropbox folders you want to use, and any files or links can be shared by using the control+option+S button sequence on your Mac. The Frenzy window will pop up, insert your file, and offer a window to add text, a description…whatever it you want to say about the file.

All of your files and conversations live in Dropbox and the cloud, so no additional space is used when sharing files between folders. Additionally, Frenzy works offline, so if you do manage fire off a couple of files while off the grid, your files will be sent as soon as your connect to a network.

So instead of sending an email with an attachment for the recipient to open, download, and save to a Dropbox folder; instead of sharing a file, then hopping on your smartphone or switching to IM to send a message about the file; Frenzy can be your one-stop-shop for Dropbox file sharing/communication.

The Frenzy Mac client is currently in beta, so head on over to the developer’s website to download while it’s still monetarily advantageous (read: free).

Mobile Apps Key to Small Business Operations, says AT&T

Hot off the presses, a new survey from AT&T shows that small businesses (defined here as organizations with between 2-50 employees) are increasingly dependent on mobile technology in their day-to-day operations. According to the survey, 75% of small businesses now use mobile apps for their business “to save time, increase productivity and reduce costs.” Nearly half (49%) of all small businesses are now utilizing GPS/Navigation and mapping apps, making it the largest category of mobile applications currently being used.

What Other Kinds of Apps?

A variety of other apps are making inroads into small businesses as well.  The top app categories include social media marketing, document management, location-based services, time management, expense tracking software, and programs that accept credit or debit card payments in the field.

State of Social Media & Facebook

While social media apps are being utilized by a smaller proportion of companies (26%), a significant number (41%) are now using a Facebook page to promote themselves.

Small businesses feel that Facebook provides an easy and affordable way to promote their businesses., and many feel that it is the best way to communicate with their customers. Certainly, Facebook offers several unique options for businesses, from the low cost of set-up (free), to the ability to directly interact with individual customers, something that websites simply cannot offer. As well, a full 37% have noticed an increase in traffic to their websites, and 29% an increase in phone calls thanks to their Facebook pages.

Post continues after the jump.

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Carbonite Pro: Don’t Wait For Your Hardrive to Die Before You Backup

Don't wait...backup now!

If you’re a small business owner and don’t have some sort of backup practice in place, I will personally come to your office…and shake you. Then I would promptly direct you to this post where I am going to school you on the Carbonite Pro online backup software.

You can’t afford to lose data. Just because you’re really particular about how you save/store files, doesn’t mean you’re safe from circumstances outside of your control. But you need some crazy “Top-Secret” backup operation that includes an armored truck backup up to your office door either! Carbonite Pro is the simple solution that will get your files backed up online and give you access to your files anytime, whether you are at your desk or on the go.
Here are some of the features of Carbonite Pro:

Easy to install
Your entire office can be up and running with no headaches and no time lost.

Easy to integrate
No expensive hardware required; plus, it works alongside any existing server backup without a hitch.

Easy on your staff
Very little training (and no technical background) required.

Easy to manage
Automatically lets you know if something’s amiss.

Easy recovery
Just a few clicks on any computer connected to the Internet and you’re on your way to recovering the files you need

The cool thing about Carbonite Pro is the fact that you are not tied to your desktop or laptop computer if you want access to your files. Downloading the free Carbonite iPhone app (iOS 3.0 and up) allows Carbonite customers to access the files in their backup—anywhere, anytime. Once the files on your computer have been backed up by Carbonite, you can view them directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

I really hope you don’t think your data that’s all housed on your laptop or even backed up at the office or burned to a DVD is bullet-proof. Do yourself a favor an add another layer of security by going “to the cloud” and trying out Carbonite Pro online backup solution for your small business…It’s free for the one month so you can try it out. Pricing for Carbonite Pro starts at $10 per month – unlimited users, and unlimited computers (Windows XP and up…No Mac or Linux). There is no contract and your plan can grow as your storage needs grow…up to 500GB for $250 per month…and beyond. Visit Carbonite for more information.

SugarSync Takes It To Dropbox With Advanced File Sharing

Ruh Roh!

Those of you who follow SmallBizGoMobile (and my posts) know that I am an avid Dropbox fan. The ability to synchronize my files across ALL my devices in the cloud is enough of a feature alone to keep me as a loyal customer.

I am the owner/operator of a [very] small personal technology consultant business, so I’m the only one accessing my Dropbox files. But what if I blow up and start to bring on employees? File sharing is okay in Dropbox, but it’s just one public folder (or via sharing links to files) that I have to first upload files to, then share that folder to another Dropbox user. What if I need to share AND synchronize all my files across all my devices and all my employees?

Sugarsync just may be in your (and my) future with its new file sharing capabilities:

The new multi-user sync capability allows for folders shared among an assigned group to be immediately synced between all parties. As soon as shared files are updated by a user, each person will find the most up-to-date information on his/her computer.

That means with the multi-user capability enabled, you can select users to share files/folders with and the files/folders you want to share. Now any time that file/folder is updated by you OR the person you are sharing the file with, that file/folder is updated for everyone. Additionally, if somebody shares a folder with you, it doesn’t count against your account file storage limit.

Sugarsync has several other news features like password protection & “Read Only” permissions that will keep your files safe; and keeping up to 5 previous versions of files so you can see a files’ changes and revert back to a previous version if need be.

*Need some good stuff to say about Dropbox*

Sugarsync is available on iOS, Android & BlackBerry mobile devices and is free to TRY for thirty days…Dropbox is FREE always as long as you stay within the 2GB storage limit (You can get up to 16GB additional Gigabytes of storage when you refer other people, and your referrals get extra space too…that reminds me: Hook Me Up!).

Outside of that, SugarSync puts up a good fight with Dropbox on pricing. For 50 Gigs of Dropbox space, you will shell out 10 bucks a month, compared to SugarSync’s 5 bucks/month for 30 Gigs and 10 bucks/month for 60 Gigs of cloud storage space. Additionally, SugarSync offers new business plans in addition to individual plans that come with extra file control and support features.

Like I stated earlier, my current operation is small and Dropbox fits me well. One of these days, I would like to expand. When I do, my cloud storage capabilities may need to expand to SugarSync as well.

*Your move Dropbox*