Contract-free 3G Data on your Laptop without a Contract: Introducing HP Data Pass

A small business owner or an entrepreneur operating on a budget can’t simply sign up for an unlimited data plan. The costs add up quick unless you know that you’re going to be constantly on the go. For those who only occasionally need 3G data on the go, DataPass-enabled laptops from HP provide a way to get 3G Internet access only when you need it.

Several HP laptops come with the technology necessary to take advantage of DataPass, which required both the 3G hardware and the latest version (4.1) of the HP Connection Manager software. New HP laptops are bundling the technology required for DataPass, including the ProBook 5330m we recently highlighted on the site, as well as newer models in the EliteBook line.

Pricing is very reasonable for those only needed occasional 3G access, starting at $5 for 5 hours of access, going all the way up to $30 for a whole month:

$5 = 5hr / $10 = 3d / $20 = 14d / $30 = 30d

Is this a technology you think you’d take advantage of? Let us know what you think!