Use Foursquare and get discounts on Back to School

Foursquare is going back to school in a big way! When doing your back to school shopping, be sure to check in and see if you qualify for any offers at the store you’re shopping at. Tons of retailers have lined up to offer discounts to students who check-in for their back-to-school shopping, from clothing to supplies to tech. Using Foursquare’s “Explore” feature is the best way to find deals at retailers near you. In New York City, for example, I found deals at H&M, the Gap, Bed Bath & Beyond and Old Navy. These deals are different depending on where you are, so be sure to search and see what offers exist in your neighborhood! Here are a few examples of current national back to school deals:

· Best Buy Sync your American Express card with your foursquare account to save $20 off a purchase of $200 or more.

· Old Navy – Use foursquare to get 10% off your entire purchase!

· American Eagle–  Take 15% off purchases when you check-into American Eagle!

· Payless ShoeSource – On your first check in, get 10% off your entire purchase OR if it’s not your first check in, take $5 off any $25 purchase.

Foursquare is available for nearly every smartphone out there, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more. Download Foursquare today and save some money going back to school! And be sure to leave a comment below if you find any really great deals!!