Skywriting? Try Google docs and Microsoft Office’s Web Apps for Cloud Collaboration

When we talk about working in The Cloud, what do we mean?  Web-based software applications are the fastest-expanding Cloud technologies.

The first of these applications to gain a significant share of users was Google Docs with a four-year head start.  Google has documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms.  You can create, share, and collaborate on any of these tasks with co-workers, friends or members of your organizations.  You can control if you want your work to be public or just shared with designated individuals.  And it is all free.  Want to give it a try but need an idea for a project?  How about trying a family calendar?  Google Docs has lots of templates that users have uploaded and rated.

Just this past week, Microsoft joined the Cloud-based Aps world with its new Office 2010 Web Apps beta.  The idea of the dominant business technology provider giving free access to their software was unimaginable up to now, but here we go with easy-to-use, easy-to-share and easy-to-access software that will be recognizable to anyone using Microsoft products in their work life.

The website Lifehacker gives a program by program comparison.  Try them out—life in the Cloud is getting interesting.

New Microsoft Office 2010 goes mobile for FREE!

Microsoft goes mobile with Office 2010! Will it give you the productivity you need while on-the-go? This week Microsoft has finalized their release of the new Office 2010. While most reviews are covering the differences of the previous desktop version (here’s Walt Mossberg’s look at Office 2010) many are overlooking the availability to have Office 2010 on your mobile device.

In todays hyper-competitive, real-time environment your “office” must be wherever you are located! If you want to realize growth in your business you have to embrace being mobile & not the typical 20% phone feature usage – the 80% growth in mobile is identifying the right apps that will make you more productive. In my presentations I often say “In business a smartphone is only as good as the apps you run on it” otherwise it may as well be a doorstop! Don’t underestimate the mobile growth, in 2013 there will be close to 900 million worldwide mobile internet users (according to IDC, Worldwide Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast, December 2009)

This brings me back to Microsoft Office 2010! In my opinion, Microsoft has made a very smart move in offering the mobile version FREE with any Windows Mobile phones that has version 6.5 or above! Office 2010 for mobile includes Word Mobile 2010, Excel Mobile 2010, PowerPoint Mobile 2010, OneNote Mobile 2010, and SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010. Outlook Mobile 2010 comes pre-installed on Windows phones and is the default e-mail service.

I will test out the apps for a post in the next week or two and give you a more detailed review about performance, features and limitations etc. Until then, if you are upgrading to a new Windows Mobile phone version 6.5 or higher make sure you are taking advantage of the Office 2010 mobile applications and increase your productivity while on the go!

What mobile “office-like” apps are you using? Tell us in the comments so we can make sure we review them for our readers!