Add some Tech to your Pitch with Portfolio for iPad

Now you can use the iPad to help you with “the perfect pitch” with the Portfolio app for iPad. Fully brand-able, Portfolio for iPad can be tweaked to fit your business model, so your presentations will look all the more professional.

With a special key, you can lockdown the app and hand your iPad over to your potential clients/customers so they can flip through your work while your explain your services without the worry of exposing the management interface underneath or accidentally peeking into other areas of your device.

AND *drumroll* Portfolio is Dropbox accessible! Your images can be saved/stored in your Dropbox account so you are not constantly downloading presentation images to your iPad to load into Portfolio – They can stay safe in the “cloud”. Here are a list of additional key features:

– Multiple galleries and the ability to hide unneeded galleries.

– Slideshows with configuration options for slide duration and soundtrack.

– Ratings and notes editable per image.

– Full screen viewing and browsing or partial screen with a thumbnail strip.

– Zoom in on details in imported photos.

– Comparison mode to bring up two photos at a time.

– Keyword tagging and the ability to filter by keywords and ratings.

– External display support through via additional VGA adapter.

Whether you’re a photographer showing photos and videos to a bride-to-be, a wedding venue displaying various table setups, a florist giving the choices of different arrangements, a landscaper showing different layouts, or a web designer describing past designs, Portfolio will give that extra bit of polish and professionalism to your presentation.

Portfolio is on the high-end of app prices at $14.99. So I would only suggest Portfolio for iPad to designers, illustrators, artists, and other professionals looking to add that extra [tech] touch to their presentations.

Evernote Widget For Your Site/Blog Pays You Back!

If you’re not familiar with Evernote, it’s a cool depository for all your online stuff. Notes, links, images, voice memos, you name it, you can store it in Evernote. The cool thing about Evernote is you can access/synchronize your stuff from ANY device. To put it in SmallBizGoMobile terms, if you are on the go and need to refer to some notes you left yourself for a business meeting, but don’t have your laptop, you can access those notes on your mobile device if you used Evernote to save the notes.

If you wanted to save a website to Evernote, you could drag a bookmarklet onto your favorites bar, click on the bookmarklet while on the site and BOOM! (BANG! Is already taken), the website was saved. You can now use your iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry smartphone to view the site later.

Now that’s no different than similar apps like Instapaper that also allow you to save web pages for later reading. So Evernote decided to up the ante and offer a widget for your blog/website that will allow readers to save your page to their Evernote account.

Now I know what you are thinking, “in addition to the Tweet button, the Facebook “Like” button, the Google “Buzz” button, now I am gonna have to deal with adding Evernote Site Memory button? Well yeah, if you want to get paid anytime somebody signs up for a premium Evernote account. But before I get to the money…

If you are a site owner, and you sign up for Evernote’s premium service and become an Evernote affiliate, you will have more control over your Evernote Site Memory Button. You can change items like the title of the note, the url (if you want to use it on your site’s homepage instead of/in addition to individual blog posts), and a bunch of styling options.

Now to the money – When somebody clicks your Site Memory Button, they will be asked to sign in to their Evernote account (if they don’t have one, they will be given the option to do so). If at any time in the future they decide to upgrade to a premium account, you collect the first $10 bucks Evernote collect from their upgrade.

Disclaimer: You don’t have to upgrade your Evernote account or become an affiliate in order to use the Site Memory Button for your site/blog. But a premium subscription is only $5 bucks a month, and with it now comes the opportunity to give your site’s viewers more options to save/share your page, and potentially get a little kick-back anytime someone saves your site in their Evernote account.
For more information, and how to get the button on your site/blog, visit the official Evernote blog.